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Georgia Perimeter College
Dunwoody Campus
LRC Building (Library) 3100
2101 Womack Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Georgia Perimeter College's Learning & Tutoring Center  (LTC) sponsors The Writers' Circle, an ongoing group of students and community members who enjoy the writing process and seek the support and insight of fellow writers.

In Memoriam to Beth Horton
Dr. Beth Horton, co-facilitator & webscribe, passed away Sept 5, 2014. After a career in academia and technology, Beth joined GPC and taught literature, creative writing & research from 2003 - 2013.
We miss you, Beth.

Nancy McDaniel
The Writing Center

Alan Craig,

Gelia Dolcimascolo
The Writers' Circle

Julie McDermott
The Writers' Circle

At the sessions, writers read from works in progress and offer critiques.  The group meets the first and third Friday of each month in LTC Dunwoody campus, LRC (Library Building) Room 3100, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  Other Fridays and during breaks when the campus is closed, the group meets at an announced location.  The sessions are free and open to the public.
Call 770-274-5246 or -5243 for further information.
Also see the GPC Dunwoody LTC website at

                                                  A Chocolate                Chapbook?.

   Is there such a thing as an inspirational  munch?  

           The consensus of a recent Circle was unanimous (well, almost unanimous) that it's chocolate, chocolate, chocolate  that entices the muse!

The lone dissent:  popcorn!

Update:  Another dissenter!  How about wine?
And another:  Irish coffee!  (assuming it's not convenient to kiss the Blarney Stone!)

What's your favorite treat to get the creative juices going?
Email your Webscribe!
Overheard at recent Circle meetings :

Writing is by necessity a lonely endeavor.  Having a community of kindred spirits mitigates the isolation.

 "I leave the group with renewed enthusiasm to press on in my own endeavors."

"For me the sessions are filled with moments of tiny lightbulbs going off in my head -- and what writer doesn't need that!"

"Invariably I leave the meetings fired up and ready to tackle the next phase of what I am working on!"

The Writers' Circle is a Pod of 
Georgia Writers, Inc.
(Gelia Dolcimascolo, Pod Leader)  
Contact webscribe is not an official Georgia Perimeter College website.  It is created and maintained by Circle participants as an informal communications medium.  

Last update: 
Oct 6, 2014
Regular Writers' Circle Meeting Schedule: 
1st and 3rd Fridays at LRC, GPC Campus; 
other Fridays at Dunwoody Bakery 
All are welcome!  No fees!  Bring several copies of up to three double-spaced pages of your prose or poetry to read if you want feedback from the group.  You are welcome to participate in the critique even if you do not wish to read. More events listed at Calendar

Friday, July 17 at Georgia Perimeter College
Dunwoody campus, from 1:00 - 3:00 pm 
Fridays, July 3, 10, 24 & 31 from 1:00 to 3:00 at 
Crema Espresso Gourmet, 2458 Mt. Vernon Rd., Dunwoody, GA

Giving Feedback
- Critique the writing, not the writer
- Be specific, and give examples if you can
- Respect all group members even if you do not agree with their viewpoints. If you are unable to offer constructive feedback on a piece, keep silent.
Receiving Feedback
- Remember, feedback is only a suggestion for your consideration
- Don't take feedback personally. It is a critique of your work, not you
- Listen to feedback without being defensive
- Accept praise for your work

SHOULD NON-ADHERENCE to the Code of Conduct by one or more club members cause a disturbance, the Facilitator has the authority to take corrective measures, including:
- End the current discussion and proceed to another subject
-Ask the member(s) involved to leave the meeting
                    Congratulations to Jim Huskins for Silent Scream, first 
                     in The Groovy Mystery Capers series!  Copies can be ordered
                             from his website,!
                    Congratulations to Allen R. Gale for Adventures of
                    Obsession I - The Beginning, first in a trilogy set in the
                     26th century!    See the press release here!
               Congratulations to Tyre Johnson-King for Tyre's
                Math Crisis, interactive math exercises,  and       
                Computer Dan's series of graphic novels!   

                    Computer Dan's College Blues

                     Computer Dan's Warranty Slump

                     Computer Dan's Wedding

                     Computer Dan's Vacation

Congratulations to Nancy Stephan McDaniel, winner of Georgia Writers Association Author of the Year for her memoir, The Truth about Butterflies!  See Kudos!
                    Julie McDermott's romance Make that DEUX is out on  
                    Kindle and in paperback through Amazon! The link is              
                    Don't miss Julie's delightful writer's blog at
New blog  from Bill Hines!!  Check out this delightful commentary on anything and everything from this talented WC member!
                    Congratulations to Jaya Kamlani on the publication of 
                     To India with Tough Love, now available at Amazon: 
                    Julie McDermott's second novel, the thriller 
                    Underwater, is out on Kindle, paperback, and audio   
                    The link is

It was published by Thomas & Mercer, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, on 11/25/14. The novel has been translated into German and is available on and

                    Julie's most recent book, creative nonfiction All the                     Above, was published on March 24, 2015. It's the story                     of her emotional struggle as her son battled brain                     cancer.